Who We Are

Skills Rocket, a Community Interest Company, is a FREE e-learning website, developed by a Chartered Occupational Psychologist ; with FREE resources made up of:  Tutorials, Support & Help Tips for an Adult with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, AD(H)D or Neuro Differences.

Find FREE and easy to understand tutorial videos & articles from the experts that help you improve:

  • Reading, Writing, Typing, Spelling, Memory, Note Taking,
    Speaking, Time Management, Listening, Concentration, Emails, Working
    Environment & Confidence.

How to access these great tools? Simply register for free and watch your Skills Rocket!

Our Vision

To use our Psychological knowledge and skills gained over many years of working with Adults who have Dyslexia, and other Neuro-Differences, and to share this learning with everyone, regardless of income level. 

Mission Statement

At Skills Rocket, we believe that Dyslexia and other Neuro-Differences should not be a barrier to success.  Our mission is to equip Adults with the tools they need to get the best out of themselves, and empower them to make their skills rocket!!

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